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About Us

Time To Be Herd was started by two friends who wanted to make a difference and help save elephants. After witnessing the current plight of elephants in Africa and Thailand we took to heart the request to be a voice for elephants and Time To Be Herd was born. We are donating 100% of all net profits to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya and Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Our mission is to raise awareness and help ensure a future for elephants. We can all make a difference in this world. Please join us and together we can all be "herd"!

baby elephant orphan

Our Cause

It is estimated that 5 million African elephants roamed Africa in the 1950's. Today there are less than 400,000. The current "Great Elephant Census" counted just 352,271 elephants remaining in 18 African countries. Poaching, habitat loss and human wildlife conflict are major contributors to the decline in elephant populations. The population of Asian elephants is much less, current estimates are just 40,000. Approximately 15,000 of these elephants are captive, living tortured lives and in confinement. The plight of the captive Asian elephant is due to the demand of the tourism industry. Elephants are forced to give rides and perform tricks for our entertainment. Time To Be Herd supports ENP, an elephant sanctuary where tourists can interact with elephants in an ethical and respectful way and elephants can just be elephants. When visiting any animal attraction, please be a responsible tourist and research the facility first.

baby elephant orphan drinking milk
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